Sunday, 18 October 2015

Travel guide: Venice on a budget


You’re going to get lost in Venice, it’s inevitable. Staying off the mainland will save you time and money. Although it takes about thirty minutes by taxi boat to get to Camping Rialto, it beats the hour trying to find your way through the Venetian alleyways with all your luggage. For under 15€, you get a two-bed cabin and shared bathroom.


Meal at Taverna San Trovas

Eating in Venice can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. For lunch or a light snack, grab a Mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella sandwich) for only 1.60€ or add ham for 2€ at Rosticceria Gislon. For dinner, you can have a three-course meal (including the best pasta you will have in your life) and a shared half litre of wine for under 25€ at Taverna San Trovas.


My friend and I on a 'gondola'

Gondola rides can cost 80€ - 100€ depending on the time of day. What if I told you you could take a gondola ride for 2€? Just hop on a traghetto instead! Traghettos are a shared taxi gondola that take you from one side of a canal to the other. You are only on it for a couple minutes, but it’s long enough for you to snap a picture and tell all your friends you’ve been on a gondola in Venice! If you still want to see Venice by water, take an hour boat taxi for 20€.

Island of Burano

My favourite part of Venice are the nearby island villages of Murano, Burano and Torcello. For 20€, you can see all three islands by taking a Venice Islands Tour.

Do not miss the Venice Free Walking Tour. I have taken many walking tours and this one was by far my favourite. Just tip your guide whatever you think they deserve (5-10€) at the end of the tour.

What are your money saving tips for Venice?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Travel guide: Santorini on a 30 euro budget

Santorini on 30 euros a day may not seem too difficult with the recent financial crisis happening in Greece, but Santorini is one of, if not, the most visited Greek island. This means that while Greece may be cheap, you can easily find yourself throwing your money away like Lil Jon’ at tourist traps.


My friend and I stayed in Santorini for four nights and split up the nights between two hostels. The first hostel was in the small village of Perissa where we stayed at Youth Anna Hostel for only 5€ a night. For budget travellers who only need a bed, you get what you pay for.

After two nights in quiet Perissa, we moved to a new hostel called Fira Backpacker’s Place in Fira where all the excitement was. For only 15€ a night, you had friendly staff, a prime location, a pool, a lounge area and a super comfy bed.


Grab a gyro for 2€ at lunch and you will be full for majority of the day. In Perissa, a cheap alternative for dinner is Bob’s Bar where you can get a half liter of wine for 6€, 2€ bottle of beer and mains for under 12€. If you want to splurge for dinner you can get a nice lakeview dinner in Fira at one of the dozens of restaurants for under 20€.

If you want to go out on the town, take advantage of 2€ boxed wine. It may not be the best wine you can get in Greece, but pre-drinking beats forking out 5€ for a bottle of beer while out at 2 Brothers Bar.


Make sure you spend some time in Perissa. You can take advantage of the black sand beach and hike up to Ancient Thera, an ancient city on top of Messavouno mountain (entry is only 2€). Instead of renting an ATV for the famous sunset at Oia, take the 10 km hike from Fira to Oia for gorgeous views and to shed off those gyro calories.

Here is my Santorini budget:

Transportation (buses)
Total average/day

Is Santorini on your bucket list?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I'm back!

I just want to take a minute and let all of you know that after a one-year hiatus, Oh Summer Candy is back in service. This past year I have taken time to work, do well in school, travel, explore other blogging opportunities and well, just live life. I want to get back into blogging as a form of creative expression and it doesn't hurt that it works well as a portfolio. I can't wait to get back to blogging for all my followers. Stay tuned!