Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How To Travel Across the Country With a Cat

I've made it back to Ontario safe and sound! After a long 40 hour drive across Canada, with zero leg room, I'm back in Ontario. I wish I took some pictures to share with you the beautiful country of mine, but we didn't make many scenic stops. One of the obstacles we had to endure during out roadtrip was travelling with a cat. If you're a cat owner, you know how difficult it is to travel with a cat. Unlike dogs, cats don't spend their afternoons poking their head out of car windows. Cats don't like change, and being put into a car is something unknown to most of them. We discussed how we were going to travel with Duke, and most of our decisions were made during the trip. Here are some tips if you will be traveling with a cat.

Duke is lying comfortably on Mommy.

1. A (big) pet cage
I hated the thought of having Duke in a cage for forty hours, but in order to travel as safely as possible, it needed to be done. We purchased a medium-sized dog cage for Duke. Small cat cages would of given him no room at all, the dog cage was a little bigger, provided more air (especially in a packed car), enabled him to relax comfortably and had enough room for food (and later a litter box). When we would stop, we would let him out of the car for twenty minutes to stretch his legs. We felt bad having him in a cage for so long we attempted to let him out while we drove, but cats are curious animals and wanted to explore the whole car and jump on the driver's lap (not safe). As sad as it is to see your little guy stuck in a cage for a long period of time, it would be worse to have an accident because your little guy was jumping around everywhere. A pet cage is extremely necessary. 

2. A good music playlist 
Summer, what does music have to do with a cat? Well, it has to do with your sanity. Unlike dogs, cats aren't used to sticking their head out of the car window on sunny afternoons. Cats don't like change, and therefore are scaredy cats when it comes to driving. They will meow, this is inevitable. But the good news is, they won't meow forever. The first hour they will meow, and they will cry, and you will try and give them attention, and give them lots of treats, but it won't work. They are scared, because they are not used to driving in cars. After an hour or two, they will get used to the car motion and they will quiet down and relax. But for the first hour, you are going to need a good music playlist to try and drown out the sound of the meowing. 

3. A litterbox (in the cage if possible)
Referencing back to the first tip, we got a bigger cage for Duke so he could move around, but he pooped everywhere in the cage. By the time we found a safe spot to pull over and clean his cage out, he got it all in his fur. After this disturbing incident we decided to put the litter box in his cage. This makes it much easier to clean out. We cleaned it out as soon as he went to the bathroom so he wouldn't be sitting in his own filth. It saves you, and the cat a lot of time cleaning up. Trained cats are also hesitant to go to the bathroom without their litter box, we realized this is a big reason Duke was meowing so much because he had to go to the bathroom and he didn't know where to go. Just make sure to clean it out asap! 

4. Treats!
Give your cat treats. Especially if they have been a good boy/girl. They aren't used to driving in cars, or being enclosed in such small spaces. They deserve one!

5. Give them love
Let them out of their cage once in a while, lots of kisses and petting. Duke calmed down a lot after the first time we let him out, he realized we didn't hate him and this wasn't punishment. He was such a good kitty on the trip!

6. They need exercise
Again, they are not used to be enclosed in such small spaces. And even though cats aren't as active as dogs, they need to stretch and walk around just as much. Being in a cage for as long as they may be isn't fun. 

Overall, we thought Duke would be meowing the entire way, and we would need to invest in top of the line ear plugs. He was actually the most amazing kitty. Of course during the first hour we thought that's what the rest of the trip would be like, but it was the complete opposite! Sometimes we were like "Duke, Duke, why are you not meowing, are you okay?" and we would stop to make sure he was alive because he was so silent, but he was just relaxing and being a "bro" as Paul would say. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Featured Frugal Female: Molly @ The Cottage Diaries

Tell us about yourself and your blog
Hi, I'm Molly and I blog over at The Cottage Diaries. I love cats, baking and pretty floral dresses, and I share all this and more on my blog. Pop over and take a look!

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25?
I got the floral dress that I'm wearing in the photo for $20, and it's one of my faves. But there are lots of things in my closet that I got for under $25!

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
I have been using Revlon Colorstay foundation everyday for many years now, and I can't imagine using anything else!  

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
I'm more likely to buy brand new, mainly because I'm not brave enough to try to pull off vintage looks. I love thrift store style on other people so maybe I need to branch out more! That being said, most of my brand new items are from the sales rack.  

What are you most likely to splurge on?
A good pair of jeans! I hate shopping for jeans, so when I do I look for a good pair that will last me ages.  

Best budget-saving advice?
Wait for your favourite items to come on sale, and before you buy anything try to think of what clothes you already have that you could pair with that item. 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What I (Wish) I Was Wearing Wednesday

I'm starting to pack all my clothes in order to drive across the country and move back to Ontario. I'm extremely nervous to drive across the country for four days with our beloved cat Duke, and no iPod. Unfortunately, I lost my iPod while on a trip to Lake Louise (it's been terrible). Since all my clothes are packed up, I've decided to do a What I Wish I Was Wearing feature. 

I've been obsessed with overalls lately and I'm searching for the perfect pair for myself. I feel people either hate this trend, or love it, and clearly I'm currently loving it; it's the perfect go-to festival piece. I'm also obsessed with monochrome outfits with a little splash of colour

Monday, 22 July 2013

One Year Anniversary

Happy one year to my devishly handsome and incredibly sweet boyfriend Paul. Thank you for the best year of my life, even when we were living 3000 miles away from each other, not a minute went by without you in my mind. I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me and brought to my life. For the first time in my life I truly feel beautiful and loved. I honestly don't know how I landed such an incredible boyfriend, I didn't think a man like you existed. After all the hurt that past relationships have brought to me, you quickly healed my heart and I'm forever grateful that I have you now and I will never let you go. You bring out the best version of myself, I am a better person because of you. I love you Paul and always will. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Featured Frugal Female: Being Erica

i'm so excited to be here on summer's blog today; i have long-been a fan of her blog, and am honoured that she considers me to be an authority on thrifty fashion! i adore summer's frugal fashion features and her weekly round-ups - i'm known to frequently steal inspiration from her thrifty finds! so when you're done here, i'd love for you stop by my blog Im Being Erica and check out just how thrifty (read : cheap) i really am!

Tell us about yourself and your blog:
being erica is my personal style diary. i started it in march 2012, as a way to keep my friends and family in australia updated with my new life in london. since then, it's snowballed into a full-time blog, and has opened so many amazing doors for me. through being erica, i have met one of my closest friends (in real life!), and can count another handful from around the world as friends for life too. i never used to think i was very fashionable. through being erica, and blogging in general, i've learned it's not about what you're wearing, it's about how you're wearing it! wearing anything with a smile and a bundle of confidence is the best ootd you'll ever have.

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25? 
oh honey, everything in my wardrobe is under $25! i am known for only buying things that are on sale or with a discount code, because after working 10 years in retail, i know how high things are marked up! i couldn't possibly pick a favourite out of my pretty dresses though, but i do really love this cath kidston inspired chambray dress (attached)  i got at the start of the season for ten pounds! it's so pretty and practical - it looks really smart with a blouse and tights underneath in the winter, or with sandals and floral crown in the summer! i love it - a real bargain!

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
100% my collection2000 liquid eyeliner. for £2.99 ($4.50, but usually 2 for the price of 1), i literally cannot live without it!

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
i wish i could thrift shop for clothes. london thrift stores are exxxpensive! i do have a couple of amazing pieces i have picked up over the years, but lately my thrifting has been all for my flat! i don't like to wear what everyone else does though, so i will only buy new if it's something really special :)

What are you most likely to splurge on?
shoes and bags. my style used to change so often that investing in clothes was pointless. now days, i'd pretty much got my look down pat, so i probably should start investing in better quality clothes. i would love to have a shopping spree at modcloth, but their international postage is so expensive! one day!

Best budget-saving advice?
i am really good with money - i should charge people for my advice! but seriously - think before you buy, and remember : it's only a bargain if you really need it!

thank you again to summer for letting me be a part of this great feature of hers! frugal fashionistas like us need to stick together!

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Frugal Fashion Find Friday: Runway Bandits

You know what's depressing? How everyone's Friday is my Monday. My TGIF is TGIT (Tuesday is technically my Friday). Anyways, what's not depressing is Frugal Fashion Find Friday (TGIFFFF). I recently stumbled upon Runway Bandits and boy am I happy that I did. This shop is by far my new favourite store. Their pieces are simple, classic, chic and easy on the wallet (my eyes transform into hearts). Only downfall is their sizes; they're not plus size friendly. I understand (sort of) because their store is based in Singapore where the average size is pretty tiny. It just sucks because a lot of their "one size fits all" is a UK 6-10 and I just miss it by fitting a UK 12. But if you are able to fit into their clothing, I highly suggest picking up some of their pieces right now. 

Here are a few of my favourite pieces 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Featured Frugal Female: Nicole @ Gypsy in Jasper

Tell us about yourself and your blog:
Hey-o. I'm Nicole, the wee little lady behind Gypsy in Jasper. I'm a small town newspaper editor by day and a crafty, adventuring vagabond by night. GiJ has been my outlet for creative writing for a year and a half now, although I've only been taking it seriously for a year... that is of course if you can call anything I do serious. I use my little nook to post ridiculous photoshoots, outfits, DIYS, outdoor adventures and basically anything that's tickling my fancy. Come on over for a visit, won't you?

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25? 
Basically everything in my closet is under $25. Well, not everything. I do have one or two splurge items that still make me blush when I think about how much I spent. But, for the most part, I'm one frugal female (hence why I'm here, amiright!?). Basically Value Village is my home away from home, so I have a plethora of cheaptastic items to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down to just ONE item, I'd probably say...the orange cardigan in the above photo. I seriously cannot get enough of that cardi. I wear it with everything. It's the perfect fit. It's the perfect pop of colour for any outfit and it's cozy. Could you ask for anything more? (P.S. That dress is another Value Village find. I think I paid $9.99 for it! Cha CHING!)

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
Are you ready for this? I could not and cannot live without an eyebrow pencil. Ha. So honest! But, seriously, I couldn't. My eyebrows are kind of my defining feature. People point them out and they often ask where I get them done (in my bed, with a mirror and tweezers, in case you were wondering). So, to me, it's important that they are always at their best, and part of that is for them to be filled in. So, an eyebrow pencil it is, my friends. Otherwise, it would be moisturizer, but that's just straight up boring. Everyone needs that.

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
I am definitely a through and through thrift shopper. My mom was and now I am too. I HATE paying full price for things and I also hate wearing things in. There is nothing better than finding an item that's already soft and cozy from repeated wear and washing, especially if it fits like a glove! If I'm to go shopping for "new" clothes, I'm still out for a bargain, so I look for a place that I can stock up on $5 tank tops and t-shirts. I also have a soft spot for Modcloth, but as of late, I have been really good at reigning myself in. I mean, do I REALLY need to spend $50 on a skirt, when I can get one for $4 at Value Village?

What are you most likely to splurge on?
A spectacular dress. Sometimes, when I see the perfect dress in a window display and I just KNOW it's going to fit me in all the right ways, I have a tough time just walking away. I just know it has to come home with me. I have a few of these in my closet at the moment and I still adore them and I still wear them, so that tells me I made the right choice...

Best budget-saving advice?
If you're humming and hawing about an item, walk away. Don't buy it. Only take home the things that you KNOW are going to be in heavy rotation in your closet. I have brought home far too many items that I thought were OK, but not perfect, and then I never wore them. Now, I try to only bring home items that I know I have a pair for and I know I'll wear. Why waste your closet space and your money, right? My other tip is to wait to go shopping until you're in the mood to browse through everything and then choose Value Village or another thrift shop over the mall. If you have the time and patience for it, you're sure to go home with a bag full of items for the same price you would have paid for one.

Well folks, that's it for me. Huge thanks to Summer for thinking of me and reaching out. It was fun to think about my shopping habits. I can't say I analyze my spending too often, so it's good to give it a second thought. And to all the frugal ladies (sung like Beyonce's single ladies), get your hands up and give yourself a high-five for keeping it real and rockin' wicked, cheaptastic outfits. See ya in the thrift shops!

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: July

I can't believe it's July already! I hope everyone's summer has been going swell. I know Canada has hit it pretty hard with floodings in Calgary, Toronto and surrounding areas, I can only hope the damage will be cleared up soon.

 As many of you may know, I have spent my summer in the Rocky Mountains and in two weeks I'll be heading home to Ontario. I love the mountains, but I'm excited to come home to my family especially after the difficult time with losing my Grandmother, I think it's time for me to go home and spend time with family before I go back to school.

 On a sunnier note, I am adding a new feature to my blog called "Featured Frugal Female" where I will feature a frugal female blogger who will be interviewed and answer a few questions about their frugal habits. I'm really looking forward to this feature and I know the girl's participating in it are excited too! This feature will be posted on Thursdays so check the blog tomorrow for the first Featured Frugal Female! 

Here is my July wishlist: 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weekly Roundup

Holy cow this week went by fast. I didn't even realize how little I blogged this week, eek! Anyways, today I'm going golfing..... I'll blog about that later to see how well I actually do. I'm going with some girlfriends who are also as oblivious as I am to golf. But since I work at a golf course I get a free golf membership.. might as well make the best of it! Here is today's weekly roundup. 

I'm glad no one is watching the drool drip down my face right now after starting at these whole wheat mini cinnamon buns

Shut the fringe dress! This fringe tassel dress is to die for. 

Been listening to Phoenix on repeat lately. 

My dream living room


Natural Deo for your natural B.O.

Beauty Review: Moroccan Oil

A few days ago I posted a review about my disappointment with Wen products. I received some comments which were half and half, some people have noticed results, and others haven't. I guess this product really is a hit and miss. The next product I'm going to review is Moroccan Oil.

Products purchased:

One thing is for sure, these products are not cheap. For my usual frugal self, this was a lot of money to cough up (ALTHOUGH I do get a 30% discount on these products from where I work so that helped out with the damage to my wallet). I realized that there are some products that you need to splurge on (this is hard for me to admit). I have extremely intangible hair, and after years of drugstore $3 shampoo's, it was time for a change. 

Wen is an expensive product too, so I was a little nervous to be spending this much on hair products knowing that the last expensive hair product I used did worse to my hair than better. I have been looking through my computer and phone for pictures of my obnoxious hair but I usually just throw it in a bun. Sorry there are no before and after pictures for you to compare with, but just take my word for it!

I love Moroccan Oil. I can't express to you how much I adore their products. My hair has never been smoother or healthier. I rarely get knots, and if I do they don't take that long to brush out. My hair smells aaaamaamaamamazing. I can't believe I have gone so long without using their products, it's worth every single penny. The products I find most beneficial is the hydrating conditioner, Moroccan oil treatment, and intense hydrating mask. I'll definitely be purchasing those products again, although I think all the products are fantastic. If you have uncontrollable hair like me and are willing to spend a few extra bucks for that beautiful, post-salon feeling hair, I highly suggest getting your hands on Moroccan Oil. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Beauty Review: Wen

Saying that I have uncontrollable hair would be an understatement. Hairstylist's dread me as a client, I'm easily in the hair salon for a minimum of four hours. If you see me, you will usually just see me plop a bun on top of my head because I don't have three hours a day to do my hair. It's knotty, it's thick, it's coarse, it's a pain in my ass. When people tell me they know how I feel with their "thick" (thin as hell) hair, I laugh in their face. There are few people in this world that I know who have as many issues with their hair as I do. My Mother is an infomercial freak. She buys and tries everything from those infomercials, swearing they will work. She buys things we don't even need because she swears they will make our lives easier. My cousin who also has hair similar to mine, swore to my mom the product Wen works. It's an infomercial hair product that is a shampoo/conditioner that costs you a pretty penny. My Mother bought it for me in hopes that my hair will magically turn into soft, tangeable hair. Well, here is my review on this apparent heaven-sent product.

It sucks. That's my review, it just plain doesn't do anything for my hair. When I told my Mother and a few others they say "no no, you have to read the instructions on how to do it" believe me, I read and followed the instructions, it doesn't work. Never trust a product that is both a shampoo and conditioner. It made my usual dry hair extremely greasy, I literally had to tell people "I showered today I swear, it's this new product I'm using". It didn't make my knots any easier (if anything worse), I didn't even try and use any of their other products which was in the package. This product is just awful, I don't know how or if it actually works for other people, but for me, it doesn't. Maybe if you're brunette it won't make your hair look as greasy, but if you're a blonde, this is a no-go. I really did not see my hair get any healthier at all, it was just as bad or even worse when I started using the product. I switched back to cheap Herbal products and I was back to paying nothing for again, terrible hair. I decided I would give a different product a chance to tame my wild locks...that review coming soon.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

We Have A Winner!!

Thank you to everybody who entered! If you didn't win, you are still able to receive 15% off your order at Foxy Originals with promo code FOXYSUMMER15 until July 30th