Friday, 17 January 2014

Feeling Foxy Friday: Joules Review

I don't know how the weather is on your end, but here in Canada it is c o l d. But just because it's cold doesn't mean I have to ditch the warm coloursI am channeling my inner autumn, since I miss that weather oh-so-much. 

What I'm wearing: Boots c/o Joules USA, Dress Urban Planet, Coat (old) H&M, Scarf/Hat/Mits Local boutiques, Tights Value Village 

I'm feeling foxy today with my fox dress and these amazing Fox Rain Boots from Joules.  It's hard to find a good pair of waterproof winter boots, and rain boots take on even the deadliest of blizzards. The winters where I am are also extremely wet. There is actually a puddle so large on my campus right now, we call it Lake McMaster. 

It's also difficult to find a pair of rain boots that aren't hard to walk in, fit right on the calf, and are comfortable. I am telling you that these Joules Rainboots are made in heaven, it feels like I'm walking on a cloud. They are comfortable, stylish, affordable and make me want to go jump in as many puddles (or snow forts) as possible. If you don't feel like channeling your inner Foxy Cleopatra, their boots come in many different styles and patterns. Some of the other pairs I may have to snatch up are: thesethese, and these

Going to find some puddles to jump in now!

*all opinions are my own

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