Saturday, 13 April 2013

Paranormal Paranoid

It's a long time coming until Halloween, but something extremely terrifying happened to me a few days ago and I have to share it with you all. 

The other night I was on the phone with Paul at around 2 in the morning. Him and I were having a little bit of an argument and all of a sudden our line cuts out and we hear these freaky sounds. I have never heard ANYTHING like it I'm not kidding you. First you would hear these dark harsh whispering noises and then really sharp squeaky noises. I was in the complete dark, I quickly jumped out of my bed and turned on my light as I continued to listen for about a minute until I was like "My roommates have to hear this, they will never believe me!" so I ran upstairs and by the time I got to the top of the stairs, Paul had hung up the phone. I called Paul back and I'm like "DID YOU HEAR THAT!?" he started freaking out,  "I was so scared I had to hang up that was the scariest thing I have ever heard." "What do you think that was?" "Aliens". Yes, we believe what we encountered was aliens intercepting our phone call. Now, Paul isn't exactly someone who believes in the paranormal, supernatural stuff. He doesn't believe in ghosts, or an afterlife, or aliens.... until he heard that. He is now convinced there are aliens after what happened to us. Everyone thinks I'm crazy I know, BUT IT HAPPENED. I wish I could explain what we heard but it sounded like alien conversations, it was probably on my top lists of scariest things that have ever happened to me. Two other scary things that top the list happened about a week ago where my girlfriends and I were driving on the highway and we thought our tire popped and when I was in the elevator at the library and the fire alarm went off. 

That isn't the only freaky paranormal activity that has happened to me before! When I was a younger kid, people talked to me. I know that sounds really weird and I'm probably sounding like a COMPLETE freak to you all but I'm not kidding! From when I was really young until I was about thirteen I would hear voices, different voices multiple times a day, just saying my name or other random things. A few months ago I was hanging out with my Mom and she asked me if I remember seeing 'dead people'. I was confused, because I never recalled seeing dead people - I just heard... voices? She said, "Well, you said that you remember hearing voices, but when you were really young I'm guessing around 6 or 7 you started to get really mad at me saying I scared away all your friends and you kept freaking out about how your friends were all dead and I scared them all away" Now I don't remember this, but apparently the movie the Sixth Sense was written about my childhood. I used to see dead people. Kind of terrifying. It's safe to say that I have come in contact with the dead and extra terrestrials. 

I have always had a huge interest in the supernatural and paranormal activity. That is probably why I refuse to watch scary movies because I think what's happening on the screen is actually real. I have done a fair amount of readings on astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, witchcraft, psychic abilities.. the whole shabang. 

Now you all have permission to call me a freak.

Do you believe in the supernatural or paranormal activity? Have you ever encountered something like that? 

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  1. That would totally freak my shee. I have always said that we have to be mighty arrogant to think we are the only planet with life. That's crazy!

  2. Freaky!!!!! I totally believe in aliens!!

  3. Oh dear god that's so scary! Sometimes I hear footsteps when nobody else is home, or I will hear a loud boom but nothing has fallen or anything. I have heard weird noises on the phone, but omg Aliens?! That's terrifying!

  4. Yeah, of course there's aliens and of course there's stuff people would call supernatural. We just don't want to think about it. And if it's scary even more so a reason not go looking for it.

  5. Wow that's sooo weird! I have never ever encountered anything like this, but I would probably be scared to death if I do!

  6. Sounds scary! I totally believe in paranormal stuff. I KNOW that I have seen my grandma and my dad right after they passed away. People always give me the sideways eye when I tell the story, but I know what I saw. I know it makes me sound like a crazy person, ha. It just takes one encounter to make a believer.

  7. i used to see people in the mirror (other than myself lol). Once at my sister's house, i was coming out of the bathroom and i saw this old man just standing there. i only saw him for a second, but i swear he was there. I could describe him perfectly to you, haha. It was really freaky.