Friday, 14 June 2013

An Ode to Grandma

Baths, England in 2011

On the morning of June 12, 2013 I received an unfortunate phone call from my brother that my Grandma had passed away. I was in absolute total shock - and so was the rest of my family. We all swore that Grandma Pam would of lived until at least 100 like her mother, my great-grandmother, Naomi did. The reason it was so shocking is because she wasn't sick, she wasn't in the hospital, she didn't show any signs of illness. Grandma would go to Tim Horton's to get her morning coffee, followed by a swim at the local swimming pool, go visit a family member or two, make homemade cards for one of the 23 grandchildren and great-grandchildren she had, and then cook herself the tastiest yorkshire puddings this side of the globe. Apparently she was having indigestion the day prior to her passing, but it was a huge shock and still is to my family and I. Thankfully, she passed away peacefully in her sleep, and I am absolutely grateful for that.

Niagara Falls, Canada 2010

I was Grandma's youngest grand daughter (not including the great-grandchildren). When I was a little girl I would spend most of my summer's at my Grandma's house. Every morning, we would go to Tim Horton's and I would have a sprinkled vanilla doughnut and a Sprite. I would get annoyed that all she would watch are soap operas when I would want to watch Much Music. For dinner, we would usually drive to Wendy's since I was such a picky eater and I wouldn't dare touch fish to my mouth. I also liked to spend time and use her computer (was and still am a computer addict) because the computer at my house was down, or wasn't working, or the internet was still dial-up. My Grandma before she passed had almost as many social networks as a thirteen year old girl. My Mother can barely text, yet my Grandmother is pinning on Pinterest. 

Myself, my Mother and my Grandmother

My grandmother had to of been the most family oriented woman I had ever met. With five children, five son/daughter in-laws, 10 grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren and the family we have still back in England, that woman wouldn't miss a single birthday, graduation, wedding, prom etc., She even woke up at 4 in the morning to see my flight departure to Alberta the previous year. She always hosted a Family Reunion in the summer and a Christmas Party in the winter every year. And for every card you received, you would know that it was handmade with love. 

My brother Dallas, Grandmother, Myself, my Father, my Mother at prom.

For my graduation present, I was blessed with a two-week trip to England with my Grandmother. We stayed in London for a week where we made trips to Baths and Stonehenge. We also visited Cambridge where I got to meet wonderful family members Heather and John, and got to tour the University. Followed by a trip to my Grandmother's hometown, Huddersfield, Yorkshire where we spent a week and had the opportunity to meet more family members Pauline and John and their sons Dean, Paul and their significant others and children, and my hilarious second-cousin (?) Denise  and her children Vicky and Paul and even more family members that I could go on and on about. I couldn't believe all the family members I had in England that I hadn't met yet!  We got to travel to Stratford, and a bunch of small towns. I couldn't believe the beauty of the England farmland. I fell in absolute love with England, and I wouldn't of wanted to spend it with anybody else other than Grandma Pam.

Denise, Pauline, Grandmother, and Myself

Me and Grandma in London, England. 

When I was younger, my Grandmother gave me the most amazing gift I have ever received for Christmas. She gave me her ring that she wore for forty years. I have worn it for the past eight years and I never take it off. I feel completely naked without this ring. I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. I am so grateful that my Grandma gave me this ring and I will hold on to it dearly for the rest of my life. 

On behalf of the huge Degg family, we love you so much Grandma. Each and every single one of us misses you dearly. We were all blessed with such an incredible Mother and Grandmother. We know that you are in a better place with Grampa and we are just happy that you passed on the way that you did. You will always be in our hearts. RIP. Love, Summer. 


  1. I'm so sorry that your grandma has passed, Summer :( It sounds like you had a great relationship with her and will have lots of amazing memories to look back on.

  2. She sounds like a wonderful, strong lady who have left behind so many treasured memories and has lived her life to the very fullest! Best wishes to you and your family
    Vanessa x

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I very recently lost my Mum, and as a result I inherited my Grandmother's ring too. I wear it on the same finger as you seem to wear yours. I would feel completely lost without it. My mum put it on right after my Grandma passed away twelve years ago, and never took it off. Unfortunately I have bigger fingers than my Mum, otherwise I would be wearing her rings as well. Mum was a 5, Grandma a 6, and I'm somewhere in the middle. At least I have a 3rd generation ring now. It is so special to me.
    Your Grandma sounded like a wonderful lady. I can't help but love her! Just know that she is at peace now. Sending you and your family love.

    Amie x

    1. Thank you Amie. I'm so sorry for your losses as well. I have been wearing this ring for years and my fingers have grown and now I can't seem to get the ring off (not that I want to!) But rings are a very special thing. Thank you for commenting

      Summer x

  4. Your grandma sounds like a truly amazing lady and you were blessed to have her in your life. You, and your family, are in my thoughts.


    1. She really was an amazing lady. Thank you Rachel!

  5. Sorry for your family's loss, she sounds like an amazing woman - loved the part about her pinning and the handmade cards, what a sweet grandma! :) The same thing happened to my grandpa, he wasn't ill at all-he actually beat cancer a few years back-and then he suddenly passed in his sleep. It's scary to think that you can go to sleep like any other night and then not wake up, but it truly is a very peaceful, and maybe even the best, way to go. Stay strong in this difficult time! x Steph

    1. Thank you Steph. I agree, it was a peaceful and the best way to go for her, I'm very grateful she didn't suffer. Thank you. <3