Monday, 24 June 2013

Music Monday: Flooding WIth Memories

Hey everyone! I've been absent for the past week because I have been stranded in Alberta without a computer. If you aren't an Alberta resident, you may be unaware of the major flooding that has happened here. On Wednesday night, Paul and I decided to go to Banff for a night to visit some friends, little did we know we would be stuck in a storm that hit southern Alberta. I have never seen something so terrifying in my life, it literally looked like an apocalypse. We were stuck in Banff until the highway opened. While driving on the ghost highway there was flooding everywhere, and where I was didn't even get hit half as bad as Canmore, Bow Valley and Calgary. When we were on our way back to Jasper, we were trapped in Lake Lousie because of the multiple mudslides that were happening on the highway in Jasper. We were stuck (not the worst place to be trapped) in Lake Louise for three nights. A close friend of mine lost her job to the flooding, and had to go days without food, power and water. It's something I have never seen before. Tomorrow I'll upload some pictures of Paul and I's forced vacation. I didn't take many pictures of the flooding since I wasn't able to get any good shots, but if you have time make sure to go on YouTube and Google and look at some videos and pictures of the Alberta Flooding. 

You can make donations to the Canadian Red Cross here

The only good thing to come out of this flooding was this song by The Noisy Locomotive. They are a four man band who wrote a song on behalf of the Alberta Flooding. It's an awesome tune, give it a listen.

"Rock you in your cradle
In your carriage ride
Don't you worry baby
I'll keep you nice and dry

Cougar creek's gone flooded
The town is high and dry
Got a bottle of whiskey babe
I think we'll be alright

Rain will keep on comin'
Rocks will pile high
We're buried to our knees
But we'll stay here til' we die"

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