Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekly Roundup

I'm going to vent right now. You know what sucks? Gaining a bunch of weight and having to buy an entire new wardrobe. I have been having to get rid of the majority of my clothing because I just can't seem to stop gaining weight. I went shopping yesterday and I hate the way clothes look on me now. I'm starting to diet and exercise, but as much as I love clothes I hate how they don't fit right. As much of a frugal shopper that I am, when you need to buy an ENTIRE wardrobe of stuff you aren't saving much money at all. Now that I'm buying clothes to fit my body now, I'm scared that if I do lose the weight, they won't fit again. I've had extreme weight gain and weight loss since I was thirteen. This year my breasts gained three cup sizes, THREE. I know most girls wouldn't complain about a boob size gain, but bras are expensive.

 Anyways, I had a nice weekend. Friday night I went out and I had a decent time, minus the fact the first place we went which was an event for all the welcome week representatives, they hired a very odd band which resulted in most people leaving. Since we were dressed up, we went downtown and I didn't embarrass myself (yay). Only negative thing that happened was this really rude guy going out of his way to let me know I'm "not that hot" and I should keep moving along (I didn't say anything to him, I was just walking by). I just stared at him in confusion as to why anyone would stop someone just to let them know they aren't attractive. This hasn't been my first encounter with a male going out of his way to tell me I'm not pretty, or my friends, I am just confused as to why people go out of their way to hurt someone's feelings. On Saturday, we went to Supercrawl which is this huge event in Hamilton where they block off the entire street. Bands such as Passion Pit and Joel Plaskett played, as well as Hamilton-based bands. There were vendors, food trucks, art pieces, fashion shows (which I had to report on), overall it was amazing, I can't wait for next year!

Weekly Roundup

Sweet Jesus these Sweet Potato Biscuits look good.

This elbow patch top is perfect for fall.

Take a walk down memory lane to last night. 

Perfect bedroom


How cool are these painted bricks that look like books?

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