Thursday, 26 September 2013

Featured Frugal Female: The Craziest Paradigm

Tell us about yourself and your blog
Hey, I'm Yuen, 17 years old and I blog over at The Craziest Paradigm I run a fashion blog with bits of beauty and lifestyle thrown into it (: Basically, my blog is my little slice of the web where I write about things I love and share ideas and inspiration with others - it's my rambles and thoughts in words!

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25? 
This is a tough one...I would say my light blue denim skater skirt because I can pair it with virtually anything (:

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
Baby Lips lip balm! If there's one thing I hate, it's dry and chapped lips.

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
When it comes to clothes and materialistic items, I love to thrift because you can spend less, buy more and sometimes find really unique pieces ;)

What are you most likely to splurge on?
A dress or a pair of shoes!

Best budget-saving advice?:
Buy items for the next season. i.e buy summer/spring items during autumn/winter (if they stock it of course!) and vice versa because they'll often be in the end of season sale which means it'll be loadsss cheaper and you can just save it to wear during the appropriate time! 

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Music Monday

I first saw Great Bloomers when they opened for The Sheepdogs a year ago. I couldn't stop staring at one of the band members who in one of their sets killed it on the trumpet (love it when bands bring out the brass). They were unreal live and I instantly became a fan of this Toronto-based band. Today, while I was scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed I read that the band would be breaking up and their last show would be in November. I am officially heartbroken. Before they disappear forever, I wanted to show all my readers who they are and what an amazing band they are. Check them out here and let's support Great Bloomers for the next couple months until they split. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekly Roundup

Hi everyone! This week was my birthday week, nothing really exciting to say about that. I guess people expect SO much for their birthday that it seems to be a let down. Just a typical night out with friends, nothing too special. Here is this week's weekly roundup

Pizzadilla Weight Watcher's Recipe healthy, original and delicious. 

Everyone needs a fabulous trench coat, I love this one from Zara

I've had this song stuck in my head since I watched We're The Millers yesterday.

Love this Turquoise and Gold combo


I live by this

Thursday, 19 September 2013


I'm twenty!!!!! Yay! Last night I went out with some friends, and tonight I'm going out for round two (pleasures of being young). I actually feel so old saying that I'm 20. Here's to my twenties!! In celebration of my birthday I want to give my readers just a little something. I'm giving away a $15 gift card to Starbucks! Everyone loves Starbucks and with summer ending and fall approaching we all need to warm up with a hot beverage. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: My Birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I turn 20, and I am officially no longer a teenager (hooray)! Actually, it's kind of bittersweet; now I have no excuse for why I can't handle my alcohol proper. In honour of my birthday, I decided to conjure up a wish list for all my friends and family who want to spoil me this year. 

1. I need ANOTHER pair of combat boots this fall, I seem to over wear them every season, they just go perfect with everything! 
2. I am obsessing over this Mean Girls Shirt I find it hilarious.
3. This tote is so cute! 
4. Wolf tattoo tights? Sign me up
5. Love the peter pan collar!
6. I lost my IPod months ago and I still haven't been able to replace it :(

Monday, 16 September 2013

Music Monday: Dinosaur Bones

Music Monday is back! Just a quick post since I have readings on readings on readings on readings (school's back!) But I need to share with you all one of my new favourite bands Dinosaur Bones. I discovered this Toronto band a few months ago and I've been obsessed ever since. They are coming to Hamilton on October 5th, I can't wait to see them live! 

My favourite song N.Y.E below:

Two more years of this then I'll retire 
My hands are raw and I've lost a tie 
Can't keep pace with all the smiling faces 
They know I've lost all my pride 

Two more days of this then I'll go blind 
My eyes are closed but it frames of white 
You've been gone for only two days now 
My bed is cold I've done my time 

Who could have known 
you would be here 
You would be here 
on your own 
Who could have known 
You would be here 
You would be here 
on your own, on your own 

Spinning satellite the year is changing 
New Years Eve is just another night 
If I told you that the sky was falling 
Would you try and start a fight 

If you like what you hear buy their CD Shaky Dream 
(The song NYE is a single and not a track on Shaky Dream)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekly Roundup

I'm going to vent right now. You know what sucks? Gaining a bunch of weight and having to buy an entire new wardrobe. I have been having to get rid of the majority of my clothing because I just can't seem to stop gaining weight. I went shopping yesterday and I hate the way clothes look on me now. I'm starting to diet and exercise, but as much as I love clothes I hate how they don't fit right. As much of a frugal shopper that I am, when you need to buy an ENTIRE wardrobe of stuff you aren't saving much money at all. Now that I'm buying clothes to fit my body now, I'm scared that if I do lose the weight, they won't fit again. I've had extreme weight gain and weight loss since I was thirteen. This year my breasts gained three cup sizes, THREE. I know most girls wouldn't complain about a boob size gain, but bras are expensive.

 Anyways, I had a nice weekend. Friday night I went out and I had a decent time, minus the fact the first place we went which was an event for all the welcome week representatives, they hired a very odd band which resulted in most people leaving. Since we were dressed up, we went downtown and I didn't embarrass myself (yay). Only negative thing that happened was this really rude guy going out of his way to let me know I'm "not that hot" and I should keep moving along (I didn't say anything to him, I was just walking by). I just stared at him in confusion as to why anyone would stop someone just to let them know they aren't attractive. This hasn't been my first encounter with a male going out of his way to tell me I'm not pretty, or my friends, I am just confused as to why people go out of their way to hurt someone's feelings. On Saturday, we went to Supercrawl which is this huge event in Hamilton where they block off the entire street. Bands such as Passion Pit and Joel Plaskett played, as well as Hamilton-based bands. There were vendors, food trucks, art pieces, fashion shows (which I had to report on), overall it was amazing, I can't wait for next year!

Weekly Roundup

Sweet Jesus these Sweet Potato Biscuits look good.

This elbow patch top is perfect for fall.

Take a walk down memory lane to last night. 

Perfect bedroom


How cool are these painted bricks that look like books?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Frugal Fashion Find Fridays: Graphic Tees

HI EVERYONE. I'm baaaaaack. I apologize for my disappearance. If you follow me on my other social media networks, you would have realized that I was moving across the country, my laptop broke, I was out of internet for a month and getting settled into school. But I am BACK. I missed blogging so much and talking to all of you. I have a lot of plans for this blog so stay tuned and thank you for not abandoning my blog.  

I wish I could tell you about my month of absence but all I can say was that I was really busy and it's not that interesting. The past week was exciting though because I was a Welcome Week Rep for my faculty at my university. I helped all the freshman transition into university. It was hard work but an absolute blast. I gained a ton of new friends, have permanent cheers ringing in my ears, and now I want to get even more involved with the school. I didn't really join many clubs or get involved my first two years of University but now I'm on a high and I just want to get involved. 

Anyways, enough about my boring life and more about helping you all out with your wallets. Today's frugal fashion finds is graphic tee's. I always say you can never have too many graphic tee's and thank god they are on the rise right now. You can style graphic tee's a million ways (watch this ThreadSence video on how to style graphic tees 10 ways). I'm particularly a fan of muscle tee's or dress-shirt styled tees. 

Here are my top picks under $20


Deal of the Day: Miss Selfridge Up to 50% Off

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Featured Frugal Female: Fleur De Moi

Tell us about yourself and your blog:
My name is Mo from Fleur De Moi and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian, animal lover, pizza addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry.

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25? 
I have a lot of "free to me" items that I've inherited from film sets that I've worked on (my favorite being a Phillip Lim cat print button up) but my favorite that I've purchased is a denim dress I bought from the Gap on sale. It's simple and a perfect go-to outfit.

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
Baby powder. I use it for everything! Skin, hair, shoes, you name it!

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
I'm more likely to buy new when going to store but I'm a Etsy slut when it comes to thrifting clothes.

What are you most likely to splurge on?
Skin care.

Best budget-saving advice?:
There is nothing wrong with window shopping. It helps you plan for what you really want and odds are if you go back and lust long enough the item may go on sale.
(I totally sound like my Mom but she knew was she was talking about!)

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To people who sent me their interviews to be a featured frugal female I sincerely apologize, I lost all the interviews. I saved your interviews to my computer that broke and the emails you sent to me seem to be long gone. PLEASE, if you somehow have a copy of your interview please email it back to me and you will be featured immediately. Again I'm so sorry for this inconvenience  

If you want to be a Featured Frugal Female send me an email at summercandice93 [at] gmail [dot] com