Saturday, 25 May 2013

Adventures in Lake Louise

As you can see from my lack of blogging, I rarely have any leisure time since I've started working. Paul and I haven't had a single day off together and it's became stressful, it's as if we are still long distance! I had to beg to get the time off, but when it was confirmed, Paul and I booked a two day trip to Lake Louise. 

This was the view from our hotel room on the first day. We knew the view was going to be nice, but we probably got one of the best views in the hotel. We were hoping to go for a canoe ride while we were here but we arrived to a frozen lake!

On our reservation I commented that Paul and I were celebrating our one year anniversary. We were greeted with a complimentary bottle of champagne and a note that congratulated "Mr. and Mrs. Martin". Now I can't stop calling Paul, Mr. Martin. Looks like he will be taking my last name when we actually get married. 
We indulged on a dinner that cost us a pretty penny. I came to realize that wiener schnitzel isn't as appetizing as it sounds. Unfortunately for us, the two days we booked at the hotel were the two days the hotel was going through major renovations so we didn't get the dining experience we had hoped for, but we still enjoyed this restaurant.
This is the view from our hotel room on the second day. In just one day the entire lake melted!

 The second day we went sight seeing around Lake Louise and Yoho National Park (which now happens to be Paul and I's new favourite national park). 

The second night Paul and I went to bed extremely early because we both became ill. We're still fighting off our sickness. Overall, it was nice to spend some quality time together since we haven't been able to since I've gotten here. 


I hope to be able to share more adventures with you, I haven't even been able to go on a decent hike since I've been here! All I seem to do is work. I hope to share some more adventures with you all soon!


  1. This makes me miss Lake Louise sooo bad, you're so lucky you got the stay at the chateau, although i kinda think it looks like a jail from the outside :p

    next time you're looking for a getaway, baker creek chalets are amazing. they're cozy with no tvs or cell service but sometimes that's exactly what you need! And (I used to work in the restaurant) I hear the food's still pretty good!

    xo Becky

  2. wow, it looks BEAUTIFUL! hope you feel better :)

    -Emma from little motley

  3. Oh my goodness, it's so pretty! It looks like heaven!

  4. Wow that's an amazing view :) loving your outfit too!


  5. whoa the bears are so cool! it looks like such a beautiful place. :]