Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Jasper Life So Far

I have been working non stop. This has literally been my first day off since I've got here! The past two months have been the most hectic months ever. Final projects, exams, travelling, work, this is probably the first day off I've had in two months! I love it here in Jasper and Paul and I couldn't be any happier. Here are some pictures of my adventure so far:

On the way to Jasper we stopped in Edmonton to this restaurant Sugarbowl. Chicken and waffles is now easily my new favourite meal. 

 King of the castle
 The lake is still frozen at Maligne Lake. I can't wait until it unfreezes so I can canoe. This is where the famous Spirit Island is located. 
Doe a deer a female deer. 
Me infront of Maligne Lake
Medicine Lake. 
Medicine Lake.

I will have more updates soon! Can't wait to share my adventures with you.


  1. Awe you were in Edmonton! The sugarbowl is pretty fantastic, right?! You're lucky that you came when it was really nice. A week before and there was snow :( Ohh Canada life! hehee

    Becca X

  2. Can't wait to see all your adventures!!! Chicken and waffles is the best meal on the planet. Mmmm. Now I'm hungry. ;)

  3. Gorgeous photos! I wish I lived close to a rural lake and not a commercial one. I love the outdoors so I'd be there everyday, haha.

  4. Canoeing on Maligne is amazing!