Thursday, 16 May 2013

Things That Make Me Happy

For the past few months, I have been stressed beyond belief. Work, school and personal matters have just been piling up and sometimes as much as you want to look at the bright side, it's nearly impossible. I'm what they call a worry wart because I tend to worry about stuff more than others. I'm not kidding when I say I worry ten times as hard as a normal person worries, I was literally having heart palpitations after first semester's exams. I also get to carry a handy dandy puffer for when I have panic attacks, it's the Virgo in me. As much of an optimist I try to be, I can be pretty pessimistic. Paul is going to kill me if he sees that I posted this on my blog (I LOVE YOU) but I found something of his that truly melted my heart when we first started dating. I know you're not supposed to creep someone's journal but it was just open, and there and staring me right in the face begging me to read it. Anyways, it wasn't exactly a diary entry but a list of a hundred things that make him happy, and the list continues to grow. The first thing on his list was new socks, which made me laugh so I made sure to buy him new socks for Christmas. You don't necessarily have to have the things that make you happy, or be doing the things you make you happy, but simply imagining things that make you happy can instantly improve your mood. It's the equivalent of imagining a hot summer beach in the middle of winter can warm you up. I was inspired to write this post after reading this post on Because Shanna Said So. Here is a list of things that make me happy and I would encourage all you bloggers to link up with a list of things that make you happy as well!  

1. Bubble Baths
2. Big Macs 
3. Canoeing in the mountains
4. Sleeping in
5. Cold pillows
6. Cats
7. Sons of Anarchy marathons
8. Bad reality TV
9. TV in general
10. Sunsets
11. Love songs
12. Staying in bed all day with Paul
13. Cuddling with Paul and Duke 
14. Medium rare tenderloin steak
15. Paul's cooking
16. Foot massages
17. Laughing until I cry
18. Dancing like Beyonce 
19. Floating in water
20. Shoe shopping
21. Beer, lots of beer
22. Chicken and waffles
23. Cheap wing nights
24. A good vintage find
27. Meditating
28. People with cool names
29. Cleaning my ears
30. Having a good blog idea
31. Shoes
32. Girls night outs
33. Themed parties
34. Children
35. Spiced rum
36. Brand New's Deja Entendu album
37. Snapchat
38. Seeing old people still madly in love
39. Pinterest
40. Winning at Mario Kart 


  1. i love seeing old people still in love!

  2. So glad I saw this post! I linked up :)

  3. This list reminds me of how many great things we can enjoy in life. #14 YUM :) xx

  4. You're sooooo cute!! Winning at Mario Kart <3