Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Beauty on a Budget: Natural/Handmade Bath Products

I love Lush as much as the next girl but sometimes the pricing of their products are a little steep. There are a bunch of affordable Etsy shops that sell natural handmade products that you can use. I prefer to use organic products as much as I can because of the  harmful chemicals in a lot of the shampoo and soaps on the market, but I do notice it can be pricy to live organically. Here are some products on Etsy that will make you look beautiful and not break the bank:
All of BahariBlossom products are vegan friendly and offers bath bombs, moisturizers, fragrances and much more with all of their products free of harmful chemicals. The Summer Garden Party Bath Bomb package comes with 6 bath bombs for about $9 CAN. This price is unbelievable compared to the average $5 for just one bath bomb at Lush! These bombs are packed full of summer flower petals, nourishing Avocado Oil and scented with a fragrance of lush green grass and sweet summer flowers. 

This soap by FreshAsADaisySoaps is made with raw, grass fed milk, which is one of the purest and most natural milks available. Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees who nectar from the Manuka bush (tea tree). Honey is humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin. The shop owner of FreshAsADaisySoaps started making natural products after learning about the awful chemicals in most of the market's bath products. All of her soaps are made in small batches using high quality vegetable oils, botanicals, herbs, essential oils and/or fragrances. 

These Heart Bath Bombs by ZENfulworld are another frugal find where you can receive 2 bath bombs for only $8.00. An added bonus, you get to CHOOSE your scent from Lemon grass, Citrus Sage, Mint chocolate just to name a few. These are all natural bath bombs with no harmful chemicals! ZENfulworld has a wide selection of products ranging from bath bombs, handmade cold processed soaps, aromatherapy candles, room and linen sprays, lip balm and much more!

You can't get a better price on Bath Salts than by FreshSoapBakery. For $3.50 you receive a 12 oz jar of Bath Salts imported from Mediterranean sea salt. As an extra bonus you get to choose your scent ranging from Cake Frosting, Lavender, Hot Apple Pie, Strawberry just to name a few. Make sure to check out this shop for even more fabulous bath products!
This gift set is perfect for Valentine's Day especially if you are on a budget. This set comes with three sugar scrubs for only the price of $10.95. You also get the choice of scent ranging from Butterfly Kisses (interesting), Satsuma, Pink Garden just to name a few. This 
shop sells just about everything from lip balms, sugar scrub, soap, body cream and more! 


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  2. These are awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

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  4. Great post! I am really big into natural bath products. Your blog is super cute! I found you through What Jean Likes Aloha Blog Hop. I am your newest follower :) Please stop by my blog anytime at

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  5. Your pictures are really great! I'm so stumped for valentines day it's actually ridiculous, I have no idea what to get my boyfriend... I'm thinking a watch but I really don't know.

    I'm really into all the natural skincare at the moment too, Neal's Yard do great products if your interested in going all natural with your skincare :)

  6. I'm a Lush fanatic myself... I think my favorite product by them is their Big shampoo with sea salt. Have you found a dupes for that in your Etsy searches? I've gotten some great bath bombs and soaps from Etsy, but never though to look for this shampoo.

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  7. I had to favorite something off of each of these shops... Wow. And I learned about a few new products...

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