Thursday, 10 January 2013

Splurge + Save: Black Spiked Combat Boots

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm finally getting back into the routine of school. I'm ACTUALLY doing my readings, eating healthy and walking to school instead of taking the bus. My New Years resolutions are off to a fantastic start. It's also Frost Week this week so I have had the chance to catch up with all my friends. Overall, great week for me I'm so happy to be back in Hamilton. 
For today's Splurge & Save I'll be showing you the classic Black Spiked Combat Boots. I have a pair of my own that I got from JustFab for only $39.95 but they were discontinued. I have had multiple people ask me if they were Steve Madden (how flattering) but no I got these shoes online for just $40 (bargain). I love how  boys don't understand the beauty  of spikes and combat boots. My boyfriend and father are convinced I'm gothic now because I wear these boots almost everyday. When I was in the airport I wore these and was almost not allowed to take them because they were considered a "martial arts weapon" (literally died laughing). My shoes look like they cost me a pretty penny but they didn't at all!
Splurge/Jeffrey Campbell Save/GoJane

My boots look exactly like the ones from GoJane. They are extremely comfortable and durable. Everyone needs one pair of badass boots in their shoe collection and these are the perfect pair! 

Which boots do you prefer? 


  1. I love them both but I have ones exactly like to Go Jane pair & mine are from Steve Madden! I literally LIVE IN THEM! :D haha

    xo - Brittany

    p.s.- love your layout! (is there any specific site you use to find them?) I need HUGE help on my layout!

  2. I actually prefer the cheaper pair! I love studs and spikes.

  3. I found your blog on the Aloha Friday Blog Hop !!! New follower here! Great blog:) You can find me anytime at

  4. New Follower!! Found you through the Aloha Friday Blog Hop! Love your blog.. When you have a minute, stop by and say hi ..and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year! K Jaggers

  5. My sister loves her combat boots! She'd really like the pair w/studs.

  6. I'm not wearing boots but if I have to choose one, I'd choose the cheaper pair. You're lucky to get the best bargain. visiting u from aloha friday.

  7. I love that you post a splurge vs. save! I am your newest follower and was hopin' that you would stop by my page (currently under construction so don't mind the missing image, etc), hang out for a bit, and like me back!

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Hi ^^ ! Added you on G+ ages ago, as I was looking for some nice blogs to read and now I finally came to see yours x).
    Splurge vs. steal is what I often ponder about. I often go for steal ;)!
    I like both of the boots. (I *love* combat boots! But I like the thick bottoms and red on the splurge ones ;3. Not sure whivh I would have picked x).
    Anyways, happy I found my way to your blog :)
    Have a good weekend ^^
    x, Lara

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  10. Hi! Love the splurge vs. save! Great post. Your newest follower from the hop. Thanks so much for co-hosting! :)

    Kathy @

  11. I have to say I prefer the cheaper ones - I just wish I had the confidence to wear them! Lots of love xxx

  12. Oh spikes. How I wish I could DIY you!