Thursday, 3 January 2013

Splurge & Save: Gold Glitter Heels

I hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday... I know I'm not. Today I had a few doctor appointments and I had to get needles and a heart monitor put onto me. I was going through some heart palpitations and trouble breathing so I had to get a heart monitor put on me and had to have some blood taken. Ok I know that nobody LIKES getting needles but I'm TERRIFIED. No I don't think you understand I mean TERRIFIED. I was having a panic attack before getting it, then I got the needle, fainted, woke up, puked and then had to be put into another room where I could lay down to get my second needle.. let's just say I'm not okay with needles... at all... loved how the nurse talked to me as a 9 year old trying to calm me down saying I was doing a great job!! (it did calm me down a bit though during the second needle). Then I had to go to another appointment where they put the heart monitors on me.. Paul says I look like a robot with all these wires everywhere and I have to press a button and write in a diary every time I feel short of breath or experiencing heart palpitations. I HOPE I'm okay, I'm pretty sure everything is fine it's just a precaution. 

Since launching Oh Summer Candy, I wanted to focus a lot of my blog on teaching female's how to be more careful with their money and how you can still look fabulous frugally. Reading through magazines all my life, I always saw those magazine articles where they would show you a ridiculously priced item and compare them to similar looking items that don't break your budget. This inspired me to start posting Splurge & Save. I will show you an overpriced piece of clothing or accessory and show similar affordable items. 

Gold is commonly associated with being wealthy, but you don't need to spend the money to look like you have money! Gold glitter pumps were a must have for every girl's New Years Eve outfit, but you are still able to wear them for any occasion or night out with your girflriends all year long. They are perfect to pair with your little black dress to give some personality to your outfit. 


  1. yay! i like this splurge & save post Summer!!

    my favorite is the one from forever21 :) i actually have the same gold glittery pumps from dillards that i bought for $15 with original price of $ was an 80% off sale! love sale!!


  2. I love J Crew, we're only just getting our first UK store in London this year which I'm so excited about! x

  3. adorable shoes! I'm all down for bargains!! new follower!

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  5. wow!!they are stunning!!!
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  6. Hola Summer!
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  7. Hi Summer,
    I hope you will be feeling fine real soon. Those shoes look great! I am a new Follower from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. Have a great weekend and New Year!
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  9. And guess what? I think the splurge's are the least cute out of all of them! Yay! That rarely ever happens. Stopping by from the blog hop! Come over and say hello!

  10. Hi Summer, I love those sparkle heels!! The cheap options are equally as pretty!! Just popping by to say hi and to thank you for being one of our lovely co-hosts on the Aloha Friday Blog hop this month!
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    Jean {What Jean Likes}

    1. Thanks so much Jean!! Really appreciate it! Have gained a lot of followers because of it! Have a nice week as well

      Summer x

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  13. I was the same way with needles until I went through medical school and HAD to be a test dummy for blood draws. OH THE HORROR...but I survived. Hang in there love.

    I have a pr of gold pumps from problem is I wear skis for shoes because my feet at HUGE...whomp for all the cute F21 shoes. Newest follower from the Aloha Blog Hop.

    Andee @ Shabby Kitteh Blog

  14. Love the sparkly heels!
    I hope you are feeling better and that is nothing serious.
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  19. Hi Summer, I'm a new follower from the Aloha Blog Hop. Hope things are going well for your health-wise and otherwise. Feel free to stop by neck of the woods: and say hi! Btw, I absolutely adored the cheapest pair of shoes out of all of them.)Take care.