Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year New Me

2012 was a great year and if last night was a preview of 2013 I'm not going to be looking forward to it. Overall, not a good night. My best friend and I pretty much left the bar right after midnight, but we made the best of it. 
For once I actually made a list of New Years Resolutions that I NEED to go by and that are actually possible: 

1. Go to a show at least once a month (I've been slacking on my concert attendance) 
2. Learn to cook something other than Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs (I don't even have a choice)
3. Eat healthier (goes with learning to cook)
4. Get a job (I've been trying)
5. Drink less Diet Coke
6. Make at least one person smile everyday
7. Make a Facebook page for my blog after 100 GFC followers
8. Reach 300 GFC Followers by the end of 2013
9. Take more pictures
10. Have a blog giveaway

I know my parent's will read this and wonder where stop biting my nails is on the list .... I made a resolution list of things that are POSSIBLE. 
Happy Hangover I mean New Years everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Love your list! Ha!
    I'm betting you'll accomplish each one!
    Glad you're co-hosting the T,FB,Blog Hop...
    I'm excited to be following along!