Thursday, 18 July 2013

Featured Frugal Female: Being Erica

i'm so excited to be here on summer's blog today; i have long-been a fan of her blog, and am honoured that she considers me to be an authority on thrifty fashion! i adore summer's frugal fashion features and her weekly round-ups - i'm known to frequently steal inspiration from her thrifty finds! so when you're done here, i'd love for you stop by my blog Im Being Erica and check out just how thrifty (read : cheap) i really am!

Tell us about yourself and your blog:
being erica is my personal style diary. i started it in march 2012, as a way to keep my friends and family in australia updated with my new life in london. since then, it's snowballed into a full-time blog, and has opened so many amazing doors for me. through being erica, i have met one of my closest friends (in real life!), and can count another handful from around the world as friends for life too. i never used to think i was very fashionable. through being erica, and blogging in general, i've learned it's not about what you're wearing, it's about how you're wearing it! wearing anything with a smile and a bundle of confidence is the best ootd you'll ever have.

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25? 
oh honey, everything in my wardrobe is under $25! i am known for only buying things that are on sale or with a discount code, because after working 10 years in retail, i know how high things are marked up! i couldn't possibly pick a favourite out of my pretty dresses though, but i do really love this cath kidston inspired chambray dress (attached)  i got at the start of the season for ten pounds! it's so pretty and practical - it looks really smart with a blouse and tights underneath in the winter, or with sandals and floral crown in the summer! i love it - a real bargain!

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
100% my collection2000 liquid eyeliner. for £2.99 ($4.50, but usually 2 for the price of 1), i literally cannot live without it!

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
i wish i could thrift shop for clothes. london thrift stores are exxxpensive! i do have a couple of amazing pieces i have picked up over the years, but lately my thrifting has been all for my flat! i don't like to wear what everyone else does though, so i will only buy new if it's something really special :)

What are you most likely to splurge on?
shoes and bags. my style used to change so often that investing in clothes was pointless. now days, i'd pretty much got my look down pat, so i probably should start investing in better quality clothes. i would love to have a shopping spree at modcloth, but their international postage is so expensive! one day!

Best budget-saving advice?
i am really good with money - i should charge people for my advice! but seriously - think before you buy, and remember : it's only a bargain if you really need it!

thank you again to summer for letting me be a part of this great feature of hers! frugal fashionistas like us need to stick together!

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