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Featured Frugal Female: Nicole @ Gypsy in Jasper

Tell us about yourself and your blog:
Hey-o. I'm Nicole, the wee little lady behind Gypsy in Jasper. I'm a small town newspaper editor by day and a crafty, adventuring vagabond by night. GiJ has been my outlet for creative writing for a year and a half now, although I've only been taking it seriously for a year... that is of course if you can call anything I do serious. I use my little nook to post ridiculous photoshoots, outfits, DIYS, outdoor adventures and basically anything that's tickling my fancy. Come on over for a visit, won't you?

What is your favourite item in your closet that is under $25? 
Basically everything in my closet is under $25. Well, not everything. I do have one or two splurge items that still make me blush when I think about how much I spent. But, for the most part, I'm one frugal female (hence why I'm here, amiright!?). Basically Value Village is my home away from home, so I have a plethora of cheaptastic items to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down to just ONE item, I'd probably say...the orange cardigan in the above photo. I seriously cannot get enough of that cardi. I wear it with everything. It's the perfect fit. It's the perfect pop of colour for any outfit and it's cozy. Could you ask for anything more? (P.S. That dress is another Value Village find. I think I paid $9.99 for it! Cha CHING!)

What drug store beauty product can you not live without?
Are you ready for this? I could not and cannot live without an eyebrow pencil. Ha. So honest! But, seriously, I couldn't. My eyebrows are kind of my defining feature. People point them out and they often ask where I get them done (in my bed, with a mirror and tweezers, in case you were wondering). So, to me, it's important that they are always at their best, and part of that is for them to be filled in. So, an eyebrow pencil it is, my friends. Otherwise, it would be moisturizer, but that's just straight up boring. Everyone needs that.

Are you more likely to thrift shop or buy brand new?
I am definitely a through and through thrift shopper. My mom was and now I am too. I HATE paying full price for things and I also hate wearing things in. There is nothing better than finding an item that's already soft and cozy from repeated wear and washing, especially if it fits like a glove! If I'm to go shopping for "new" clothes, I'm still out for a bargain, so I look for a place that I can stock up on $5 tank tops and t-shirts. I also have a soft spot for Modcloth, but as of late, I have been really good at reigning myself in. I mean, do I REALLY need to spend $50 on a skirt, when I can get one for $4 at Value Village?

What are you most likely to splurge on?
A spectacular dress. Sometimes, when I see the perfect dress in a window display and I just KNOW it's going to fit me in all the right ways, I have a tough time just walking away. I just know it has to come home with me. I have a few of these in my closet at the moment and I still adore them and I still wear them, so that tells me I made the right choice...

Best budget-saving advice?
If you're humming and hawing about an item, walk away. Don't buy it. Only take home the things that you KNOW are going to be in heavy rotation in your closet. I have brought home far too many items that I thought were OK, but not perfect, and then I never wore them. Now, I try to only bring home items that I know I have a pair for and I know I'll wear. Why waste your closet space and your money, right? My other tip is to wait to go shopping until you're in the mood to browse through everything and then choose Value Village or another thrift shop over the mall. If you have the time and patience for it, you're sure to go home with a bag full of items for the same price you would have paid for one.

Well folks, that's it for me. Huge thanks to Summer for thinking of me and reaching out. It was fun to think about my shopping habits. I can't say I analyze my spending too often, so it's good to give it a second thought. And to all the frugal ladies (sung like Beyonce's single ladies), get your hands up and give yourself a high-five for keeping it real and rockin' wicked, cheaptastic outfits. See ya in the thrift shops!

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