Thursday, 4 July 2013

Beauty Review: Wen

Saying that I have uncontrollable hair would be an understatement. Hairstylist's dread me as a client, I'm easily in the hair salon for a minimum of four hours. If you see me, you will usually just see me plop a bun on top of my head because I don't have three hours a day to do my hair. It's knotty, it's thick, it's coarse, it's a pain in my ass. When people tell me they know how I feel with their "thick" (thin as hell) hair, I laugh in their face. There are few people in this world that I know who have as many issues with their hair as I do. My Mother is an infomercial freak. She buys and tries everything from those infomercials, swearing they will work. She buys things we don't even need because she swears they will make our lives easier. My cousin who also has hair similar to mine, swore to my mom the product Wen works. It's an infomercial hair product that is a shampoo/conditioner that costs you a pretty penny. My Mother bought it for me in hopes that my hair will magically turn into soft, tangeable hair. Well, here is my review on this apparent heaven-sent product.

It sucks. That's my review, it just plain doesn't do anything for my hair. When I told my Mother and a few others they say "no no, you have to read the instructions on how to do it" believe me, I read and followed the instructions, it doesn't work. Never trust a product that is both a shampoo and conditioner. It made my usual dry hair extremely greasy, I literally had to tell people "I showered today I swear, it's this new product I'm using". It didn't make my knots any easier (if anything worse), I didn't even try and use any of their other products which was in the package. This product is just awful, I don't know how or if it actually works for other people, but for me, it doesn't. Maybe if you're brunette it won't make your hair look as greasy, but if you're a blonde, this is a no-go. I really did not see my hair get any healthier at all, it was just as bad or even worse when I started using the product. I switched back to cheap Herbal products and I was back to paying nothing for again, terrible hair. I decided I would give a different product a chance to tame my wild locks...that review coming soon.

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