Monday, 31 December 2012

Music Monday: Top 5 Songs of 2012

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!! Can you believe 2012 is already over? We survived another apocalypse and Snooki had a baby. 2012 has been an amazing and eventful year for me. I have met some amazing people, lived in the most beautiful place in the world, met Paul, it was by far one of the best years I've had in my life to date. 2012 was such a learning experience for me I've grown as a person and learned so many things about myself, wouldn't change this year for anything. I just hope 2013 will bring me many more joys. 
2012 was a great year in music. I have discovered many amazing artists and songs this year so I doubt I could possibly make a countdown of the best songs from 2012, but here are 5 nothing less than memorable songs from 2012.

1. Every Single Night - Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple is nothing less than a musical goddess. It was a long 7 years since her last album Extraordinary Machine (2005) and she blessed us with a fourth album release this year The Idler Wheel (2012). Her jazzy sound and lyrical imagery speak to the darkest of minds. Every Single Night is my favourite on the album with morbid yet beautiful lyrics such as "The rib is the shell and the heart is the yolk and I just made a meal for us both to choke on". 

2. Yet Again - Grizzly Bear
Yet Again is a single from Grizzly Bear's new album Shields (2012). Grizzly Bear has been known for their unique sound, and the album Shields went even further with their most adventurous songs. 'Yet again' Grizzly Bear puts fourth an incredibly unique album with songs such as Yet Again.

3. Body of Work - The Mynabirds
I stumbled upon Body of Work not too long ago and it quickly became one of my favourites. Not only is the song nothing short from incredible, but the music video is beautifully done. The video is so much fun, I literally get up and dance every time I watch it. You may recognize the song if you are a Gossip Girl fan as it featured in one of their episodes. I don't know too much about The Mynabirds so I had to do a little research, they formed in 2009 as a collective of musicians fronted by Laura Burhenn and they just finished a tour in the mid-west (wish I knew so I could of seen them while I was out there). Make sure to check more of their songs out.

4. Campfires - Meg and Dia
If you are a fan of the Voice you will recognize the sounds of Dia Frampton. I have been a fan of Meg and Dia for YEARS and when I saw Dia Frampton on the show I almost had a heart attack because I didn't want her to become a sell-out but then I had immediate support and voted every week for her. Her sound is so unique and unlike anything the music industry has ever heard. Meg and Dia as a duo have been kind of MIA for a while so when they released a demo to Campfires I was ecstatic. This song is quite different from their usual sound, but it may be my favourite song by them. 

5. Breakers - Local Natives
Breakers is a single from Local Native's album Hummingbird which will be released early 2013. Local Natives have an eclectic adventurous sound that I admire. Believe me when I say I'll be one of the first to grab their album when it comes out. They are going on a tour in 2013 and unfortunately Toronto is all sold out, but if tickets aren't sold out at your local venue be sure to check them out. 

Happy New Years!!

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  1. Oh, I really dug Local Natives! Thanks for sharing! :] Happy New Year!
    {Em ♥}