Monday, 18 February 2013

Music Monday: Girls Soundtrack

Let me start off by saying... I love the HBO show Girls. It is currently one of my favourite shows on television to watch. I watched one episode and was hooked ... watched an entire season in one sitting (don't judge me). For one, it is hilarious and secondly the cast is an actual believable cast. Every character doesn't look like Megan Fox (finally) and they challenge many feminist issues. I love how Hannah is able to strip down naked and not give a damn what anybody thinks. The show has challenged her as not being as "beautiful" while she walks around saying well guess what I am beautiful and deal with it. Her friends will tease her about her 'small boobs' and she rocks it. Females need a show like this, especially with these pro-ana websites I think a character stripping down naked who isn't a size 0 is what society needs. Another character I love is Jessa, "so hip I could puke". That girl is the epitome of cool, please let me be her. 

Aside from feminist issues, Girls has an amazing soundtrack. If you're a fan of the show like me you can't help but notice the fricken' awesome music featured. I made a playlist of 60 songs they have played on the show in the past two seasons. If you like comedy and good music then Girls is the show for you. Enjoy!


  1. oooh, I just saw an interview with the writer. My interest is definitely sparked!

    xx Kelly

  2. I adore Girls too! I watched the entire season in one day too haha - the episodes need to be longer!

    I love how it's like the real New York and not the Sex and the City sort of NY.

    Have you got to season yet? It gets even better! Shoshanna has me in tears, I find her so funny!

  3. I love Girls too. I love how comfortable Lena Dunham is with her body. And I totally agree - the music is awesome. Season 2 is definitely great. Shoshanna is my girl.

    - Kaileigh @

  4. ooh this looks right up my street will defnintely have to watch this :D

  5. Apparently blogger, and the iPad don't mix, so for the 3rd time I've switched to my laptop, in the hopes that my comment actually works this time!

    I too love HBO's Girls! It is such a clever show, and personally I feel Lena Dunham does a fantastic job, depicting life for us 20 somethings. Ok, I'm at the higher end of that! I'd love nothing more than to be asked to write an "ebook", regardless of the stigma that surrounds it! Go Hannah! The boyfriend and I have a running bet, to see how long it takes before one of them gets naked! I wish I was that comfortable in my body!

    Loving your blog! Would be honored if you'd take a look at mine. I'm a new follower!

    Love Amie x