Monday, 25 February 2013

Music Monday: My Top 5 Of All Time

It's Monday... which means I'm back at school. I had a terrible sleep last night woke up about fifty times because of how cold it is in my basement bedroom and then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was hearing creepy noises that made me think that the girl from The Ring was going to pop up anytime. I went to class and I can barely stay awake through any of them... I can already tell this week is going to be a hard one. 

For today's Music Monday I thought I would share with you my top 5 all time favourite artists. The reason I put an emphasis on all time is because my top 5 change almost every month. I will listen to one band that I just heard over and over and over again and they become my top 5 for now. The top 5 I will introduce to you have been my favourites for years. I think to make it to your top 5 of all time you must own all (or majority) of records, know majority of their songs off by heart, and have been your favourite for more then two years. 

My number one favourite band of all time is Nirvana.

 Nirvana stole the number one spot in my heart when I was nine years old. Kurt Cobain died  when I was nearly a year old RIP Kurt so I discovered them by stealing one of my brother's Nirvana cd's and was addicted ever since. Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are the most intelligent, musically gifted, artistically inclined individuals to ever hit the face of the earth. Let's start with my main man Kurt. People frequently ask 'if you had to bring one person back to life and have dinner with who would it be' my first answer would be Kurt Cobain. This man was so twisted and artistic I just find him amazingly intriguing (and a babe). If you follow me on Instagram I frequently take pictures of me in my room and you may catch the poster I have of Kurt Cobain smoking a cigarette in his guitar. I also dressed up as the infamous Courtney Love (who we can all debate if she really was in on the murder) for the 90s party that I threw. If you want to read an amazing biography on Kurt Cobain I highly recommend reading Heavier Than Hell. This book may convince you that Courtney Love had nothing to do with the murder but I have also watched a few documentaries that have convinced me she had something to do with it. All in all I believe Kurt Cobain is a twisted lovely man and his writing will always hold a spot inside my heart. Dave Grohl is another man in the band who I find to be the ultimate rock star. No scratch that, he is the ultimate rock star. Not only is the the front runner of the amazing band Foo Fighters but he has played with about any rockstar you can name, he can play everything, he can sing, he can write, he is hilarious, he is an amazing husband and father, and I would marry that man in a second. Krist Novoselic who is the tallest man on earth (not literally but he is pretty tall) is also the smartest man alive (not literally but pretty smart). You probably haven't heard much about him post Nirvana but he is the coolest dude ever, I highly recommend following him on twitter @KristNovoselic. His political standings make me love him even more. I love the members of the band, I love the music, I love everything. I love love love love love love Nirvana. Did I tell you that I love Nirvana?
Favourite Album: Bleach (1989)
Favourite Song: About A Girl

In second place near and dear to my heart is Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes' consists of more members than the lyrical genius Conor Oberst who has had other side bands including Commander Venus. Other members include producer Mike Mogis who plays multiple instruments in the band as well as Nate Walcott on the piano; they also frequent collaborations with other artists. I discovered Bright Eyes when I was twelve years old and they became my favourite ever since. The first song I ever heard from them was surprisingly not First Day Of My Life but actually Bowl Of Oranges.  I had the opportunity to watch their final performance on their final tour and I balled my eyes out (I'm a sap). I have never watched a performance by anybody so passionate about their music ever. Conor Oberst has had many critics talk about how he can't "sing". I don't know what the hell they are talking about that man has more passion in his voice than anyone I have ever heard. The raspiness in his voice is so sexy I can't even. He is such a beautiful artist and if you like his music you will appreciate his music ten thousand times more if you saw him perform live. I am excited for any future projects in store for him. I LOVE YOU CONOR!
Favourite Album: Cassadaga (2007)
Favourite Song: At The Bottom of Everything

The bronze medal goes to Brand New
My first boyfriend and I met at a show, we both fell for each other probably because of our very similar taste in music. When I was thirteen at Christmas he bought me the album Deja Entendu (2003) and I listened to it over and over and over and over again. I can name what songs appear on the record in order. Jesse Lacey (lead vocalist/guitarist/lyricist) is a genius his songs are literally poetry to me even instrumental songs like Welcome to Bangkok sound like poetry. Every album they produce has a different sound, I have yet to see them live but I am DYING to. 
Favourite Album: Deja Entendu (2003)
Favourite Song: Jesus Christ

Fourth place goes to........ Iron & Wine
Samuel Beam is a singer-songwriter better known as stage name Iron & Wine. If I ever want to relax the first thing I put on is some good ol' Iron & Wine. The first song I heard was A Boy and a Coin and unlike the other bands mentioned I didn't fall in love immediately, it wasn't until I heard Trapeze Swinger when I fell for this man. Many of his songs have brought me to tears, every song he writes moves me in so many ways I can't even describe. His music is also famous for appearing in movies such as Twilight (barf) and appearing on The O.C. I have been a solid fan since I was fourteen and his spot on my top 5 isn't moving anytime soon. 
Favourite Album: The Creek Drank The Cradle (2002)
Favourite Song: Trapeze Swinger

And last but not least goes to... The Beatles

How original Summer.. you added The Beatles to your top 5. The Beatles are just a fantastic band and I know majority of people have them in their top 5 but that's just because they are probably the most amazing and influential bands to ever walk foot on this planet. They don't need any introduction I'm sure you like me love them to death and can sing every song on the Sgt. Pepper album. If you were to ask me who my favourite Beatle is it would probably be Ringo... because I love the underdog, I used to play the drums and I love his name. The reason I love them as much as I do is because music would not be the same without them, they revolutionized what music is and if it wasn't for them I highly doubt music today would sound like it does. Thank you Beatles for influencing musicians all over and gracing us with music that never gets old.
Favourite Album: Abbey Road
Favourite Song: Rocky Racoon

What are your top 5 favourite bands?


  1. You love a lot of my favorites. i have recently discovered Iron & Wine and am so glad I did!

  2. I'm a music lover too so I need to do a post like this. I used to love Nirvana a lot when I was younger but I think I over listened to them. I will forever always love The Beatles and I love all their solo stuff too. My top 5 are The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, The Maccabees, Joy Division/New Order, & The Smiths.

  3. You have the best taste in music!

  4. im a super fan of iron and wine. nice choice.

    found you via the blog hop!

  5. I love that you love Nirvana & The Beatles... 2 of my faves! I almost named Memphis "Harrison" after George! lol
    It's so hard to narrow it down... my top 3 for sure are:
    The Beatles
    The Ramones

    1. I love that you named your child Memphis Harrison that is such a cool name. Apparently my boyfriend Paul was named after McCartney (but he isn't a huge Beatles fan which I find weird)

      Summer x

  6. I remember many summer days, sitting on the front porch of my friends house listening to Nirvana-- great music.

  7. Yes we still listen to Nirvana.. thanks to Sirius and CDs!

  8. You have fantastic taste in music! I love Brand New, Iron and Wine, and Bright Eyes! I have seen Brand New live about three times and I will continue to go, even if I am the oldest person there :) also, I think Bowl of Oranges was one of the first Bright Eyes songs I ever heard. It's beautiful!