Sunday, 31 March 2013

Weekly Roundup + 100th Post!!!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter! My family and I don't celebrate Easter like we used to when we were kids. We spent the night at the cottage together and ate food, drank beers and had some quality family bonding time. Even though the Easter bunny didn't spoil me this year, I hope he spoiled you!

Here's today's weekly roundup: 


This Damsel Off Shoulder Dress by Threadsence is perfect for all the music festivals this summer!


I had the opportunity to see fellow Canadian musician Matt Mays live with Metric and a bunch of other wicked bands in Toronto last Friday. He is nothing less than amazing live. If you haven't heard of him, listen to my favourite song Indio provided above and you will turn into a instant fan.  


 How do places like this even exist!?

DIY Fox Slippers . I need to do this ASAP

What did the Easter bunny give you this year?


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Splurge + Save: Floral Crowns

It's officially spring in Canada! The weather has been absolutely beautiful! 8 Degrees (46 degrees Fahrenheit) is patio weather up here in the north. I'm going up to my cottage today with the family... unfortunately there is no Wi-Fi (my brothers and I don't know how we will survive) but I think we will be able to do it!

Since it's springtime, flowers are blooming and festivals are booming, I thought it would be nice to feature a floral crown Splurge + Save feature! I know floral crowns can be quite expensive but Oh Summer Candy is here to pretty up your little head for less!

Do you wear floral crowns? Do you make your own?


Friday, 29 March 2013

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I hope you didn't miss me too much. As you know I am in a long distance relationship and I had to go three whole months without seeing my wonderful boyfriend Paul. He came to visit me for a week and I wanted to spend as much time as I possibly could with the handsome fellow before he had to leave me again for a month. After this month, I will be moving out to Alberta to be with him! School has also been hectic with final assignments and tests before exam period. I am still pretty busy with school for the next month so I still won't be on regular schedule. I usually post 6-7 times a week but for the next month I will be posting 3-4 times a week. Once I am out of school for the summer I will have plenty of free time to post!! I really missed posting everyday for my blog and I have plenty of ideas for this month! 

Here are a few pictures of my week with Paul:

We're cute

 He's cute
 We like food

 We like music
 Matt Mays

Overall, we had an amazing week and I can't wait to move out to Alberta again!

PS I will be having a 500 GFC Follower giveaway! Stay tuned!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Frugal Fashion Find Friday: S&M Watch

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is excited for their St. Patrick's Day weekend! I know I am. I am planning on not being sober for the next 48 hours and then finishing a 12 page essay hungover on Monday (wish me luck). Also, my favourite man in the entire world will be visiting me this following week!!! I haven't seen Paul since Christmas it's almost been three months since I've seen that boy! School is going to be hectic for the last two weeks of March so for the next two weeks I will be dedicated to spending time with Paul and writing a thousand essays so unfortunately there will be no new Oh Summer Candy posts until Easter Weekend. I hope you won't miss me too much!

Today's Frugal Fashion Find is the Etsy store owned by Lawrence LI named S & M Watch. Watches usually can get pretty high in price, so when I stumbled upon S & M Watch I knew I had to share it with my favourite frugal females. 

His watches are priced at an average $35 with a huge selection of watches to choose from. From watches with maps, animals, patterns and even sells custom made watches! 

A few of my favourite watches: 

Sport your Canadian pride with a Vintage Map of Canada Watch

If you're a dedicated Oh Summer Candy reader it's no secret that I'm in love with astrology. This 12 Constellations Watch in Rose Gold is perfect for astrology lovers like myself. 

Can't go wrong with an Elegant Deer Watch

Make sure you go check out more watches from S&M Watch.

I'll be back in a few weeks!! Until then..

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bye Bye GFC

It's a sad day when you hear that GFC is coming to an end. I thank all of you who have been following me on GFC and I still hope to get to 500 followers before it gets shut down before July 1st (GIVEAWAY TIME). 

Although GFC is leaving our poor blogging souls, there fortunately is other ways to follow your favourite blogs. 

Please follow me via Bloglovin' if you haven't already done so: 
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You can also keep updated with Oh Summer Candy on my Twitter and Facebook

Thank you all!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ink Love

It's no secret that I'm terrified of needles, so there is a slim to zero chance that I will ever get a tattoo. "Summer the needles are different" yeah.. still not happening. Also I'm a pretty indecisive person I feel if I got a tattoo I would hate it the next day. Even though I don't plan on getting a tattoo that doesn't mean that I don't like them. I do however think a lot of people just get a tattoo to have a tattoo and never put any thought into them, if I like your tattoo you're one of the lucky ones because I'm pretty picky when it comes to body art (especially tribal tattoos.. do not get started on tribal tattoos) Here are some tattoo ideas that I like

Such a neat idea for sister tattoos! 

Constellation tattoo instead of the overused zodiac symbol

Do you have a tattoo? What kind of tattoo would you never get?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Music Monday: St. Paddy's Drinking Songs

Happy Monday! St. Paddy's day is coming up and if you're having issues finding some good ol' Irish drinking songs here you go! Grab some green beer and enjoy with your favourite leprechaun buddy. 

1. Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly

2. At The Edge - Stiff Little Fingers

3. Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced - Dropkick Murphys 

4. Whiskey in the Jar - The Dubliners

5. Seven Deadly Sins - Flogging Molly 

6. Irish Drinking Song - Buck O' Nine

7. Down To The Old Pub Instead - Stephen Lynch

8. Dirty Old Town - Pogues

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Weekly Roundup: St. Patrick's Day

This has been an extremely exhausting week for me. I haven't done anything at all except sleep (a lot), eat (even more) and study for midterms. I wish something more exciting and wild happened like I met a Jewish person from Jamaica who Irish dances and we ran off to San Francisco together but no, just me laying in bed studying for midterms is as exciting as my week got for me. I know St. Patrick's day is next Sunday but we want to be prepared by then so today's Weekly Roundup is all about St. Patrick's Day

This week's weekly roundup St. Patricks edition: 

This Wearing O'Green Cake Recipe is a tasty treat for St. Patrick's Day

For only $29 you can score this Enameled Boyfriend Watch to go with your St. Patrick's outfit!

Drunken Lullabies by Dublin band Flogging Molly is the perfect song to drink your green beer to. 

Add this Lucky Embroidery Hoop to your St. Paddy's Day decor!

A leprechaun fighting


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Frugal Fashion Finds Friday: Prom Dresses

It's that time of year where teenage girls flock to the most expensive boutique in their city to buy that extravagant mediocre looking $500 dress for their Senior High School Prom. 

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend two proms. When I was in Grade 11 I attended my then-boyfriend's prom and my Senior Prom which was two years ago and I'm not going to brag or anything but I was the best dressed there (I'm sure every girl there would beg to differ saying they were best dressed .... but really I was). 

I bought both my dresses online from a shop called Conie Fox. YOU BOUGHT YOUR PROM DRESS ONLINE ARE YOU INSANE?! I actually had very few issues with the dresses that I bought online. For one they were SUPER inexpensive compared to the $500 semi-nice looking dresses a lot of the girls wore and I didn't need to get any alterations done. Shopping online isn't hard as long as you read the proper measurements when ordering. 

Dress: Conie Fox (I just checked the updated price.. I bought this for $80 and they raised their price to $364... I lucked out) 

THROWBACK this is in 2010 at my then-boyfriend's prom when I had brown hair (I'm never doing that again) but at least my boobs looked big to distract you from my brown hair. ~Blondes have more fun~. Anyways I love the colours to this dress and the gold sequins created a shape similar to a butterfly which was stunning. The only issue I had with this dress were the boobs I had some nip slips so we had to pin it but that's only because I was too cheap to get it altered. Overall, stunning dress that I got for only $80 and my jaw dropped when I saw the raised price! 

Dress: Conie Fox (I bought this for around $120 and the price is now $168) 

The following year was my senior prom and I brought back the blonde. I loved this dress, I felt like the most beautiful girl in the room in this dress. When shopping online the colour looked a little more beige than grey but when I received it it didn't matter, it was beautiful. I honestly thought I had the best dress at prom and I know for a fact I spent the least amount on a dress too. 

If you are worried about shopping for prom dresses online. DON'T BE. If you are worried that it may be too small just order a size bigger and you can always get it altered. 

My 2013 Frugal Prom Dress Picks Under $150.....

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rules For Being a Modern Lady

I prefer to wear floral dresses, boys must open doors and pay on the first date, I cross my legs, I will put a napkin on my lap, I chew with my mouth closed, I am obedient, I hate people who spit, I floss my teeth, I say please and thank you, I give up my seat on the bus for the handicap and senior citizens, I always tip at least 15%, I say excuse me, I am overly emotional, I like to dance, I am never tardy, I don't put my elbows on the table, I love wearing lipstick, I love fashion, I constantly watch chick-flicks, flowers make me smile 

I have a bad temper, I hate tea, I prefer beer over wine, rum over vodka, I swear like a sailor, I burp a lot and think it's funny, I fart and I think it's funny, I think farting noises in general are really funny, I like action films, I know how to throw a punch, I have kissed too many boys, I should probably shave more frequently, I don't brush my hair everyday, I only wear make up on special occasions, I don't cook, I don't clean, I am extremely messy, I bite my nails, I chew my lip, I crack my knuckles, I can rap "Superman" by Eminem off by heart, I eat too much fast food, I hate fruit, I stopped playing with Barbies at 6. 

Clearly I am not the typical 17th century lady and nor should you be. This is the 21st century ladies! And if you're confused what it means to be a lady well it doesn't mean you have to wear pink, cook meals for your husband when he comes home from work or even have children. Here I have created for you rules to being a modern lady. 

10 Rules For Being a Modern Lady 

1. I will not call another woman a slut, whore, tramp, slag or prude:
If a girl is sleeping with the entire football team good for her for challenging sexual norms. After the sexual revolution you'd think that these terms would have disappeared. It's time that "player" isn't known as a positive term and "slut" as a negative term. If you want to have sex, do it. If you don't want to have sex, don't. It's a females right to wait for the right person if she wants to and if she wants to lose her virginity to the guy she met at the bar with the awesome beard let her be. If a girl is sleeping with your boyfriend (also refer to rule #10) and she did not know that he was in a relationship LEAVE HER ALONE. If she did know that your boyfriend had a girlfriend well she is not a modern lady and should be burned at the stake (kidding) you are dating him not her. If she isn't your friend she probably doesn't owe you anything and the only person you should be getting mad at is your boyfriend, who clearly is a douche canoe and you should dump him immediately. If she was your friend then it's time to yell a few curse words and drop her as a friend.. pronto. 

2. I will not call another woman ugly or fat
If you have ever been called ugly or fat please raise your hand (I raised my hand as well). I have been called every word in the book and it doesn't feel nice. I'm sure at least once in your life you have been called ugly, even Megan Fox has! I'm also sure at least once in your life you have called another female this. Stop. If you know how much it hurts to be called these words will it really make you feel better if you say it to them? All women are beautiful and all women have beautiful bodies. A lot of people have misconceptions about obese women. Not every woman can help that they are overweight. Some have thyroid problems, some it's nearly impossible to lose the weight no matter how many times a week they go to the gym or how many Big Mac combos they skip out on. Stop thinking that these people who are visually overweight aren't healthy. Even if they aren't trying to lose weight, who cares! It isn't your body so stop judging theirs. Everyone's body is beautiful even your friend with the webbed toe has a beautiful body so stop thinking otherwise!!! 

3. I will love my body no matter what the scale tells me
I personally have had issues with my weight. I was a chubby toddler and would be told constantly how fat I was, not fun. When I grew up I was always curvier than most girls, I had hips when I was 11 and people would call me the girl with the awkward huge hips (birth will be easier for me!) In Grade 7 I was around 125 and by the ninth grade I only weight 98 pounds and for my height and body type my BMI was not healthy. I then gained weight over a few months and jumped to 130. I knew that I wasn't overweight but I knew that gaining that much weight in a few months wasn't healthy so I went to the gym. The trainer told me that I was 10 pounds overweight. I'm 130 pounds and you are telling me I am overweight, is this a joke? After that, I do not trust gyms. I like to eat what I eat and if I don't feel like working out that is my choice. I recently went to the doctor and stepped on the scale and I'm currently around 140 and my doctor told me that for my height and weight that I'm at a perfectly healthy BMI (Take that Gym Brat!) 

4. I will not look down on people who are less fortunate than me
I'm not rich. I'm a student who has to pay rent, who pays groceries, who is steadily increasing in debt but I still know there are people out there less fortunate than me. I will not judge them because they have to pick up a welfare check, I do not know what they have gone through or what their circumstance is. A huge reason I started this blog was to help people who don't have a lot of money in their bank understand that you can too look nice and feel great without spending a lot of money. I love Value Village and GoodWill they have amazing pieces that you can find and I want to encourage those women that just because you don't have a choice where you shop that you can find great pieces anywhere

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

LovEtsy: Cats in Clothes

I love cats and I love clothes. What's better than an Etsy shop that sells prints of cats in clothes? Heather Mattoon sells her prints over at her Etsy Shop. If you are more of a dog person then don't worry, she sells portraits of dogs in clothes too! 

one / two / three / four

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Beauty on a Budget: Guest Blogger Christine

Hello I'm Christine from Little Red Bow and I'm a Canadian beauty blogger.  Summer has asked me to share with you my favourite budget beauty finds so here I am.  As much as I love Sephora and MAC finding affordable gems at your local drugstore or Wal-Mart is much more exciting to me.  These are all highly rated yet affordable products that range in price from $3-12 for makeup and $15-20 for the makeup brushes.

1. Essence Big Lashes Mascara
2. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner
3. L'Oreal Infallible Eyeliner
4. Maybelline Define a Brow
5. Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow
8. Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow

  Drugstores have really steped up their game in terms of eye products and you can now buy an eyeshadow for better quality than MAC for a fraction of the price.  Wet N' Wild make amazing eyeshadow palettes and the Sleek i-Divine palettes are amazing quality and their shipping is only $2.77 to Canada.  My all time favourite eyeliner is by Rimmel and it costs less than $5 whereas my friend has been raving about Essence mascaras which cost $3-4 at Shoppers Drug Mart (or Ulta in the U.S.)

1. Wet N' Wild Lipstick
2. Revlon Lip Butter
3. Revlon Super Lust-out Lipstick
4. Maybelline Color Whisper
5. Rimmel Stay Glossy

  Gone are the days where drugstores only offered horrible frosty lipsticks as you can now find on trend colours in amazing formulas for next to nothing.  Wet N' Wild and Revlon have amazingly pigmented lipsticks while the new Maybelline Color Whispers and Revlon Lip Butters offer sheer and glossy colour.  I haven't tried many drugstore lipglosses but Rimmel offers nice and non-sticky glosses for very cheap.

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
2. L'Oreal True Matte Foundation
3. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
4. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
5. Rimmel Natural Bronzer
6. Rimmel Blush
7. Wet N' Wild Blush
8. Milani Illuminator

  For face makeup my favourite brand is Rimmel but if you need more shades to choose from the L'Oreal True Match line is amazing.  Wet N' Wild and Milani also have pretty offerings in terms of blushes and Milani's Illuminating Face Powder is a beautiful highlighter for your cheekbones.

1. Real Techniques Eye Starter Set
2. Eco Tools Starter Set
3. Real Techniques Core Collection

  I own a lot of Real Techniques and Eco Tools brushes and I have to say they are amazing!  I reach for them more than my MAC ones and they're all very durable and wash up nicely.  If you're just getting into makeup I'd highly recommend the sets above as they offer everything you will need and each set is cheaper than one single brush from MAC.

Make sure you check out Christine's blog for more beauty tips!

Thanks for guest posting Christine!