Friday, 21 December 2012

End of the World Confessions

The day has come. December 21, 2012, the supposed end of the world... just like Y2K, 666, and a thousand other apocalyptic predictions that never actually happened. But it’s only noon where I am so I still have twelve hours left to survive this prediction. On Twitter #EndOfTheWorldConfessions have been trending so I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my confessions that I have never told anyone. They're embarrassing so please don’t make fun of me, or do I don’t really care. 

Confession 1: Legally Blonde is my favourite movie
Usually when people ask me what my favourite movie is I just say Breakfast Club since that is probably my second favourite and not as embarrassing to say. I first saw Legally Blonde when I was 7 years old and since then have easily watched it over 200 times. I’m not exaggerating. I can recite you the entire movie. I made sure I saw the sequel the opening day and I can GLADLY say I only saw the sequel once since it was awful. When my Grandma asked me what musical I wanted to see when we went to London, England I had to see the Legally Blonde Musical which I was also very disappointed in (worst musical ever) but the movie is by far my favourite movie of all time. This is the only time I will ever admit to it, so if you didn’t read it here, you won’t hear it from me.

Confession 2: I have to sleep with my mouth closed in case aliens will come and suck my teeth out while I’m sleeping.
When I was 5 I had these friends across from my Grandma’s house who had this book on aliens. It was an extremely graphic book of aliens that looked totally real with specific names and characteristics of these aliens. One of the aliens was said to suck out your teeth while you’re sleeping. Ever since then I can’t sleep with my mouth open. “If you’re asleep how do you know” I wouldn’t fall asleep unless my mouth was closed and now it has just become habit to sleep with my mouth closed. 

Confession 3: I have Trichotillomania
It isn’t as serious as it sounds. Nor is it a ride at Six Flags. And if you’ve ever been my boyfriend this one doesn’t seem as much as a confession. I love to pull hair out. It’s a comfort thing, and I just love to do it. Not to mention a lot of my friends would ask why I don’t shave my legs as often well, it’s because I like to pluck them. Others hate the feeling of having their eyebrows waxed, I LOVE the feeling of having my eyebrows waxed. My boyfriend’s absolutely hate this because when I’m bored I’ll just start plucking the hairs out of their body. I used to have it really bad when I was 13 and started pulling hair out of my head which I didn’t think was a big deal since I have SO MUCH HAIR but then I started realizing I had bald spots so I stopped. It’s not noticeable since I just pluck little hairs but you may see me once in a while plucking my eyebrows or ripping hairs out of my boyfriends body. I always need to be doing something such as  biting my nails, tapping my fingers on a desk, shaking my leg or pulling hairs.

Confession 4: I have permanent hiccups
This isn’t really a confession that NOBODY knows but more for people who read my blog and don’t know me. I have permanent hiccups. Seriously. I have a hiccup one every 15-45 minutes constantly through the day. They don’t sound like regular hiccups they kind of sound like I’m saying ‘hey’. They can get really loud, so they can be quite embarrassing if I’m in my lecture hall and I hiccup and then a hundred people look around wondering what that noise was. People always ask me if its annoys me or if I have asked a doctor. The doctor says if it doesn’t hurt I shouldn’t worry about it. It doesn’t really bother me, I think it bothers other people more than it bothers me. I’ve had them since I was around 10 so I’m pretty used to it. A lot of people get a laugh out of it. I’m just the girl with the permanent hiccups.

What are some of your confessions? 


  1. Ooh, I love legally blond too! Would probably still not make my top 10, but I do really like it.

    And I have a weird hiccup thing too. Whenever I have the hiccups I know I'll get them a couple of times more that day. Usually only 2 or 3 times, but I once had them 7 or 8 times on one day. It was not a good day;)

  2. I have never in my life heard of permanent hiccups! Sometimes I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that my favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. :P