Saturday, 29 December 2012

OOTD: Family Christmas

I know everyone is SICK of Christmas posts.... not to mention Christmas has passed, but I had my family Christmas with all of my mom's side of the family today so I will make a final Christmas post. I had dressed up quite festive (the male's in the family said it looked like an elf puked on me) but I did score compliments from the females in the family who obviously have great taste. My family is BIG there are 10 first cousins and another 12 second cousins then a bunch of aunts and uncles, it can get kind of crazy but it was definitely nice to see all of my family that I haven't seen in a while. I'm sad to say I probably will skip out on a outfit post for New Years since the dress I purchased for New Years didn't even make it in time (even when I ordered it three weeks ago) now I have NO idea what I will wear since all my clothes are back in Hamilton and I'm in London (dilemma). Since I don't have a tripod (yet) I had to ask my Mother to take the pictures of me.. I learned that trying to teach your Mother to use a camera is like trying to train an elephant to do a back flip but thanks Mom!!

Dress/Belt: August Wrinkle, Tights: H&M, Earrings c/o: Pony Chops Shop

And if you are having a bad day check out this hilarious and adorable picture of my little cousin:


  1. Love your dress and earrings!! :) Happy New Year!


  2. awwww your outfit was adorable :)
    I have a huge family aswell :)

  3. Hi there! New follower here from the Aloha hop! Would love a visit from you over at Moms Surviving Kids!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Family gathering is crazy sometimes but I love it :) Lovely dress and aww little earrings :)
    Haha this boy is too cute :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  5. You're such a cutie. I adore that dress! And, I love that you asked your mom to do the photos. I don't think I would even brave that. All of the photos would be crooked and out of focus. Your mom didn't do so bad at all!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing. I'm so happy scrolling through them :) Your Christmas outfit was lovely and the earrings are very cute.
    Bella xx