Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Frugal Fashion Finds: Mary Jane Fashion

Happy hump day everyone! I hope your week has been going well so far. I have had an AMAZING week here in Jasper. On Monday it was Paul’s staff Christmas party but he had to work the actual party so I went with some of our friends (I used to work here as well). It was honestly the best time I have had in a while! I haven’t seen any of these people in about 4 months, it made me really miss everyone and going has convinced me to come work here next year! Jasper is an amazing place and I made great friends and memories last summer and I can’t wait to make more memories when I come back permanently. Today Paul, his roommate and I are going to go chop down a Christmas tree lumberjack style. I dressed up in plaid and now I’m ready to go! 

For today’s Frugal Fashion Find I found Mary Jane Fashion.  MJF is founded in the UK and offers celebrity style fashion at affordable prices.  MJF’s states: “We aim to be exciting and innovative, offering out customers the fashions, footwear and accessories that they want, when they want. To stay in touch with the ever changing trends within our market we have developed a dynamic and very responsive organization”

Here are a few of my favourite frugal find’s for New Years from MJF:

Check out their Shop , Blog and Twitter

Also make sure when you are about to buy, type in WINTER20 at their check out for 20% off


  1. Love!!! :) Wow this looks like such cute stuff! I'll have to check it out :P

    xo - Brittany

  2. Oh love the shoes. I wonder why my mum doesn't like these shoes , I want to buy them~

    Aree With Umbrella